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This is a thing on the side while studying at college. Right now these are the only images I have, but I am planning to make new designs later on. The prices are driven by the materials I have to buy to make them.
There are a variety of sizes and for reference the ones shown are all XL (adult size) and are all 100% cotton.

If you want some, you can get them here!

RocketTeeWhole by AbstractMatterRocketTeeCloseUp2 by AbstractMatter

InfinityStaircaseTeeWhole by AbstractMatterInfinityStaircaseTeeCloseUp by AbstractMatter

CubesTeeWhole by AbstractMatterCubesTeeCloseUp by AbstractMatter

TechMasterTeeWhole by AbstractMatterTechMasterTeeCloseUp by AbstractMatter
Merry Christmas :santa: and a Happy New Year! :party:
 Please check them out, and if there's an error in a feature (such as switched thumbnails), let me know, also older features have been edited to remove empty thumbnails and such. Thank you :nod:

:iconinviv0: :thumb372331301: :thumb350477640: :thumb346806798:

:icongunbowolf: :thumb368875760: :thumb159087361: :thumb159429898:

:iconkparks: Sonata for Flute and Piano by kparks The Road by kparks Steppin' Out by kparks

:iconnocturnalstigma: Veins of Metal II by NocturnalStigma Forgotten City II by NocturnalStigma horizon by NocturnalStigma

:icononyxride: The Beauty of Nature by Onyxride Bridgeway by Onyxride Winter Wonderland by Onyxride

:iconforgottenson1: Wintercrossing by forgottenson1 From coast to peer by forgottenson1 Over the roofs by forgottenson1

:iconfreuleink: :thumb308571077: :thumb306905159: :thumb330775674:

:iconfreddiecruger: from willies warf by freddiecruger if only these were palm trees by freddiecruger fl by freddiecruger

:iconcannedhubris: Boson Higgs by cannedhubris Water Color by cannedhubris Column A by cannedhubris

:iconchrisntheboat: lighthouse whitehouse... by chrisntheboat cycris city... by chrisntheboat tree tapping... by chrisntheboat

:icondavidfriedrich: Palace of Mannheim by davidfriedrich The castel of Dresden by davidfriedrich An idyll in the city by davidfriedrich

:iconfeigenfrucht: :thumb264884022: Die Blaetter vom letzten Jahr by feigenfrucht Bewegung by feigenfrucht

:iconhelens-serendipity: Harvest moon by Helens-Serendipity Sunshade by Helens-Serendipity Autumn glory by Helens-Serendipity

:iconralfpfaarphotography: Empty Street by RalfPfaarPhotography Red Flower by RalfPfaarPhotography Reflections 1 by RalfPfaarPhotography

:iconsockrattes: Gehry in Duesseldorf by Sockrattes Halde Norddeutschland by Sockrattes Cherry blossom by Sockrattes

:iconrieadd: :thumb339303456: :thumb339135203: :thumb375239531:

:icon0iz: There'Something in the Air... by 0IZ Lonelamp by 0IZ :thumb98352347:

:icon44ali: Kelebek by 44ali beyaz-01 by 44ali Kara Batak by 44ali

:iconabutterflylove: Beautiful light by aButterflyLove Life under the water by aButterflyLove Turkey by aButterflyLove

:iconab39z: Red Barn 1 by ab39z Still Life 7-14-07 by ab39z Power Lines #1 by ab39z

:icon86botond: Colors of Spring by 86Botond Flower Street by 86Botond Freshgreenyellow by 86Botond


:icontommypropest-candler: ENKA Lake 7691 by Tommy Propest by TommyPropest-Candler Enterprise by TommyPropest-Candler Reeves Dairy Farm 5600 by TommyPropest-Candler

:iconainitolonen: Notes from Summer by AiniTolonen Roofs by AiniTolonen The First Evening by AiniTolonen

:iconalpha-cortex: Fremantle Power Station at Dusk by Alpha-Cortex Canal Rocks 5 by Alpha-Cortex Tyre factory entrance by Alpha-Cortex

:iconalpha-maus: The source of live by Alpha-Maus hidden in the shadows by Alpha-Maus La tour de Montparnasse by Alpha-Maus

:iconandersartigkeit: Last Rays by andersartigkeit Paradise by andersartigkeit A Journey II by andersartigkeit

:iconandi40: drops on the leaf by andi40 The colours of the autumn.~2 by andi40 sundown1 by andi40

:iconangelicmoonsushi: forgotten scenery by AngelicMoonSushi emberstone keep by AngelicMoonSushi Kingdom of heaven by AngelicMoonSushi

:iconaraka13: Clouded by Araka13 Ice Berry by Araka13 Golden Sunset by Araka13


:iconaskingtoattackmeghan: Spring is here by Askingtoattackmeghan pretty picture by Askingtoattackmeghan Life with Friends by Askingtoattackmeghan

:iconawfultosee: L'infinito in un niente. by awfultosee Rustical. by awfultosee Countryside. by awfultosee

:iconbowtiephotography: Generator and Sky by bowtiephotography Rose Moon by bowtiephotography Warm Light by bowtiephotography

:iconbenja-rl: Bajo la Estrella by Benja-RL 20-366 by Benja-RL 68-366 by Benja-RL

:iconbetta94: clouds... by betta94 leaf by betta94 sky... by betta94

:iconmarcosrodriguez: Hail by MarcosRodriguez Circle by MarcosRodriguez Hpider by MarcosRodriguez

:iconwintersread: A Real Ghost by WintersRead One Summer's Day by WintersRead :thumb365325230:

:iconbluemalou: Seehasen festival by blueMALOU Sunset11 by blueMALOU Castle Neuschwanstein by blueMALOU

:iconblaubeerkuchen: lighthouse by BlauBeerKuchen after the rain by BlauBeerKuchen on a day by BlauBeerKuchen

:iconblue-birdphotography: Dome of clouds by Blue-BirdPhotography Across the River by Blue-BirdPhotography Super moon by Blue-BirdPhotography

:iconbukabuda: :thumb184612934: :thumb360009651: :thumb370907656:

:iconcasper1830: White House by CASPER1830 Orange 2 by CASPER1830 Pink Lily 4 by CASPER1830

:iconcorajasmine: Nature by corajasmine When I look ahead of me... by corajasmine Catching the Waves by corajasmine

:iconcactusmumkate: Space Rockets caci by cactusmumkate Silence by cactusmumkate Beautiful Element of Water by cactusmumkate

:iconcebinc: :thumb379224082: :thumb377834567: :thumb377814082:

:iconceddex: LB-03 by CeddeX InDus - 04 by CeddeX Fair - IV by CeddeX

:iconchopstickstudios: Glow by ChopstickStudios Hawthorne by ChopstickStudios Downtown PDX by ChopstickStudios

:iconcharlottesphotos: portrait of an alleyway by CharlottesPhotos House of Blues by CharlottesPhotos gates to heaven by CharlottesPhotos

:iconcoldasylum: Swamp by coldasylum Pearrigyn Lake Sunset by coldasylum Wenatchee River by coldasylum

:iconconnysworld: Ansbach2 by ConnysWORLD Walk-in-Geslau2 HDR by ConnysWORLD Baby_Swan2 by ConnysWORLD

:iconcyrille-d: Mont st Michel at night by Cyrille-D Sea landing by Cyrille-D La Rochelle by Cyrille-D

:icondade100: Canal Grande, Trieste by Dade100 untitled by Dade100 orange landscape by Dade100

:iconcipgallery: Cota 1400 - Sinaia by Cipgallery Muntii Fagaras by Cipgallery Phoenix Cernica Club by Cipgallery

:icondeadgirldreaming: Fog of Sunrise by DeadGirlDreaming Stowe Park House - Side View by DeadGirlDreaming Stand Out by DeadGirlDreaming

:icondearall: Rovinj by DearAll Little Winter Wonderland by DearAll Lightning by DearAll

:icondeaconfrost78: Nagler See after sunset by deaconfrost78 Old railway station by deaconfrost78 Castle Faber Castell by deaconfrost78

:icondeclaudi: eagle owl by declaudi summer by declaudi Poppy Landscape by declaudi

:icondelfin: ghost train rolling by delfin case in hand by delfin alley and moment by delfin

:icondementeddiva23: Tranquility by dementeddiva23 Night life by dementeddiva23 Long Walk by dementeddiva23

:icondhverlander: :thumb350393737: :thumb349295629: :thumb344105440:

:icondenneris: Zlatibor 2 by Denneris Santorini III by Denneris Skopska Esen III by Denneris

:icondimajaber: fall by dimajaber spring in lattakia by dimajaber warm by dimajaber

:icondiversitydancequeen: Fireworks by DiversityDanceQueen Plane Ride by DiversityDanceQueen Palm tree by DiversityDanceQueen

:icondogbytes: Czech Railways Pendolino by Dogbytes Cathedral in colour by Dogbytes Carnaby Street by Dogbytes

:icondove-51: Fresh Snow by dove-51 Evening by dove-51 Heading Home by dove-51
 Please check them out, and if there's an error in a feature (such as switched thumbnails), let me know, also older features have been edited to remove empty thumbnails and such. Thank you :wave:

:icondreamsnthewind: morning by dreamsnthewind waking by dreamsnthewind bottlebrush by dreamsnthewind

:iconeilex: Little Antennas by Eilex Infrared Island by Eilex Benediktenwand by Eilex

:iconelli-tammi: :thumb352958127: :thumb363064926: :thumb370270292:

:iconeyepilot13: MorningSky 0053 12-6-12 by eyepilot13 ATSF Flagstaff 1 5-11-89 by eyepilot13 Sunrise 16th Street, Cicero, IL 3-13-13 by eyepilot13

:iconearlymorningrain: taj III by earlymorningrain way out by earlymorningrain phiphi by earlymorningrain

:iconebonydreamivory: The Bridge by EbonyDreamIvory Wishing by EbonyDreamIvory Make a Wish by EbonyDreamIvory

:iconfaziarizvi: :thumb285249061: Artichoke In Bloom by faziarizvi :thumb343073426:

:iconembeel: Sunset In The City by eMBeeL Middle Earth Sunset by eMBeeL Citadel Pride by eMBeeL

:iconembize: Gold by Embize Lehtien takana by Embize And I want to see it by Embize

:iconfirepaved: secret garden by firepaved Afternoon. by firepaved perfectionnement by firepaved

:iconfractamonium: The New Spiral by Fractamonium Dragon Spiral 2 by Fractamonium The Cosmic Cauldron by Fractamonium

:iconfumdetigara: Tranquility. by fumdetigara Leaves.III. by fumdetigara Pray. Once more. by fumdetigara

:icongingerlicious7: :thumb288636724: :thumb332726654: :thumb333949971:

:icongriffonmeister: Light of the Fog by griffonmeister Tipping the Pink by griffonmeister Cause You're Not Here by griffonmeister

:iconglo-he: something mysterious by GLO-HE after the rain by GLO-HE Hundertwasser Art by GLO-HE

:iconhorstschmier: Mist and Sun by HorstSchmier Lost Rooms 03 by HorstSchmier Dezember 10 by HorstSchmier

:iconheylormammy: Hillend by Heylormammy Out Ronas Voe by Heylormammy Dramatic sky by Heylormammy

:iconhydrocean: Napapiiri sunset by hydrocean Yin-Yang by hydrocean Sunset waves by hydrocean

:iconhypergirl97: This is a night by hypergirl97 Under A Different Light by hypergirl97 Infinity by hypergirl97

:iconibilicious: A Perfect Dream by Ibilicious Gone with the Wind by Ibilicious Winterland by Ibilicious

:iconibrunswick: Glow by ibrunswick jelly by ibrunswick paul's house by ibrunswick

:iconifonlyitwereeasy: Time Has Passed Me By by IfOnlyItWereEasy Autumn colours by IfOnlyItWereEasy :thumb338094859:

:iconin-my-viewfinder: Light falls by in-my-viewfinder Sleeping Hornet by in-my-viewfinder a signal to the clouds by in-my-viewfinder

:iconiseeocean: :thumb331601909: :thumb332030515: :thumb379173298:

:iconingelore: autumn at the duck pond by Ingelore mirroring by Ingelore summer memories by Ingelore

:iconitaylie: What difference does it make? by iTaylie It was always special by iTaylie Keep What Ya Got by iTaylie

:iconjade4525: Sinking Into an Abyss by Jade4525 Shining by Jade4525 Horizontal by Jade4525

:iconjccrfractals: Fire And Water by jccrfractals Complex Feelings (I) by jccrfractals Orange Cube by jccrfractals

:iconjeffreydobbs: Rustic Bridge STOCK by JeffreyDobbs Not Quite Finished by JeffreyDobbs At level by JeffreyDobbs

:iconjessicadobbs: Sweet Grace by JessicaDobbs Sunshine, daisies.... by JessicaDobbs Holiday Zoom by JessicaDobbs

:iconjennystokes: Rollaway by jennystokes Bad weather over Volterra. Italy by jennystokes In the Ghetto. 2. Venice. Italy by jennystokes

:iconjessijones: Flowers01 by JessiJones Red by JessiJones Poppies by JessiJones

:iconjhickling: tree by Jhickling Tilt shift by Jhickling London Eye by Jhickling

:iconjim373: Up The Hill Backwards by jim373 MandelFlowerz by jim373 Nursery by jim373

:iconjipic: Boat waiting for the summer by JIPIC Old Quarter by JIPIC The Woods by JIPIC

:iconjochniew: Pagham beach 2 by jochniew Winter in Holland 4 by jochniew Don't fall in 2 by jochniew

:iconjoct: Red Clouds by Joct Cottage by Joct 327 by Joct

:iconjorjalinotype: Waiting for the storm II by jorjalinotype Sing in silence by jorjalinotype Traquility by jorjalinotype

:iconcontemporaryhart: alberta sky by contemporaryhart morning peace bridge by contemporaryhart space iii by contemporaryhart

:iconjt-jones: :thumb346919739: :thumb349514669: :thumb349722826:

:iconjust-the-way-im-not: Sparkle by Just-the-way-Im-not :thumb313353484: Into the West by Just-the-way-Im-not

:iconjustanewb42: Sunlight by justanewb42 It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year by justanewb42 Playing With Fire by justanewb42

:iconlamentingperson: Spring light by lamentingperson heather field by lamentingperson By the time by lamentingperson

:iconkarcen: San Diego Night4 by KARCEN Rock Notch by KARCEN Sunset Pier by KARCEN

:iconlasmejalora: Apples and nectarines by LasmejaLora Shells by LasmejaLora Ballet by LasmejaLora

:iconkatu01: Fenceline Road by katu01 Forgotten Whistle-stop by katu01 Gum Forest, NSW Australia by katu01

:iconleeby: Candle Maker by Leeby WaterHouse by Leeby De Louvre Inside by Leeby

:iconkharagauli: Kopenhagen I by Kharagauli Warszawa XII by Kharagauli Wroclaw VII by Kharagauli

:iconkingbob24: winter road 2 by kingbob24 sunset on a country road 2 by kingbob24 central school 1 by kingbob24

:iconkmourzenko: Toronto Downtown by KMourzenko Sunset at the lake by KMourzenko Toronto skyline by KMourzenko

:iconlelita8: Alla stazione di Bologna by lelita8 Sunset in Olbia by lelita8 Nuvole o cotone by lelita8

:iconlifethroughalens84: Dream by LifeThroughALens84 Bokeh Thistle by LifeThroughALens84 Daydream by LifeThroughALens84

:iconlouisegisele: :thumb163940383: :thumb181650116: :thumb346467552:

:iconlexascorner: Breath of Life - Part 2 by lexascorner Heavenly Rush by lexascorner The Innocence I Crave by lexascorner

:iconlureyya: Spring flowers by Lureyya Tree of knowledge - autumn by Lureyya Spring green by Lureyya

:iconlancerlover: Columbia Lake 1  Spring '08 by Lancerlover Stretching Southward by Lancerlover Fall by Lancerlover

:iconlivetodream215: Old But Not Forgotten by livetodream215 Blossoms 5 by livetodream215 Sunset in Sechelt by livetodream215

:iconlovezen: city hotel by lovezen florence by lovezen Endless by lovezen


:iconmagicandbrother: MEDIEVAL WINDOW by magicandbrother WINTER SUNSET by magicandbrother AUTUMN OR WINTER? by magicandbrother

:iconmandarinchenx: lights can change lifes by mandarinchenx spinning around by mandarinchenx reminding me of summertime by mandarinchenx

:iconmandersw89: Gray Day by mandersw89 Beautiful Shadows by mandersw89 Forever Young... by mandersw89

:iconmarouen-arras: :thumb266242896: Construction by Marouen-Arras Old Way by Marouen-Arras

:iconthe-car-gallery: :thumb100965856: :thumb121157703: :thumb133001005:

:iconmelrissbrook: Dragonfly do smile 1 by melrissbrook Prepare for take off 2 by melrissbrook Dragonfly do smile 6 by melrissbrook

:icontgwttn: Running like clockwork! by tgwttn Weeds 3 by tgwttn Shard view from street by tgwttn

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